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Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble uploading my app logo for the main page. What's wrong?

The Learning Mag requires a JPEG file for the app logo. That file should be 600px on the shortest side if possible.

I want to add a mobile icon for my app so that my students can save it to the home screen of their iPads. How do I do this?

Under the Mobile Options near the top of the Create page, click the "Choose File" button under Mobile Icon. This file must be a PNG file of 144px by 144px. You can create your mobile icon using any image editing software, even free online services like Picnik.

How do I send my Learning Mag to my students?

Because your Learning Mag is web-based, all your students need to access it is an internet connection. If you email them the link to your mag, or post it on your blog or school website, just have your students click on the link using their mobile device (phone, iPad, or tablet) and then save the link as a bookmark to the desktop of the device. This will save your mobile icon on the desktop so that the student can open the mag just by tapping on it. Students can also load the app by snapping the QR code that links to the app with their smartphones or other camera-enabled mobile device.

I want to link to documents or other media within a section. How do I do this?

You can use the ordered (numbers) and unordered (bullets) list formatting to create navigation to documents you have uploaded or linked to. Any link that is formatted as a bulleted or numbered list will appear in the section as a navigation bar to the document, video, or other media that the text in the list links to. For example, a bulleted list of links to Youtube videos will display in your app as a group of stacked navigation bars, each opening a video on a new page. Of course, links that are not formatted as lists will also lead to the linked item, but they will not be formatted as nav bars for easy use.

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