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Resources for Educators

Open Educational Resources

You can find an extensive list of Open Educational Resources for inclusion in your Learning Mag right HERE.

Click on an app below to see what your colleagues are creating:

Ancient Rome

This app is designed for a fifth-grade class in Alexandria, VA. The app demonstrates the use of:
  • PDF articles
  • embedded videos
  • links to online resources
  • backgound reading
  • study questions

Sketching and Drawing

This app is designed to demonstrate the teacher's ability to include web-based drawing or sketching pages in his/her learning mag. The app offers three possibilities, each with its own features (listed with each offering).

Selected Poetry of Emily Dickinson

This app demonstrates the potential to create a "reader" or anthology for your students. This app includes:
  • Introductory chapter
  • Individual poems individually linked
  • Study question and writing prompts for each poem
  • Additional poems can be added at any time

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